Within The Verulam Group

Within The Verulam Group
The Verulam Group itself has established companies in the UK (Verulam Associates Ltd.), Indian (Verulam Consultants Private Ltd) and under formation in Bangladesh (Verulam Associates Bangladesh Ltd.). Around this core network we have strong links with two companies in Nepal and Sri Lanka that provide bases for our work and strong local partnerships. We also have established links in Pakistan. As a result The Verulam Group has a presence across the Sub-Continent and is not only able to serve clients throughout South Asia but is deeply rooted in the region.

Development Education and Consultancy Centre (DECC) is a Nepali consultancy company with an established track record of work with NGOs, Government and Development Partners. DECC provides Verulam with office support in Katmandu and ensures that we can support clients with both Nepali, regional and international services.

Uvades is a group of professionals specializing in development management consultancy based in Asia. Their core specialization is Development Finance with special focus on Micro finance, SME and Enterprise Development. Uvades gives us a base within Sri Lanka and contacts with other key Sri Lanka companies.

More recently The Verulam Group has extended its work into South East Asia and we are developing similar partnership relationships to support our work there.

Associate Consultants
We have a growing network of associate consultants from within the region and internationally. We have a policy of ensuring diversity of skill, gender and background in all our contracts and provide opportunities for learning and mentoring support to those within this network. In addition we draw on a group of international associate consultants who are based in South Asia or have experience within the region. Working with and supporting both groups enables us to provide quality assurance and a distinctive approach in our work.

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