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verulamassociates is an international group of consultancy companies and associate consultants specialising in governance, institutional development and process consultancy primarily within the public sector. Verulam works with local and national governments, public sector bodies, not-for-profit organisations, and international development agencies that want to improve their ability to respond to the needs of those they serve, improve their own performance, and increase impact. Priority is given to equal opportunity and equity in service delivery, employment and management practice, with an emphasis on gender, pro poor policies and cultural sensitivity.

Established in the UK in 1995, Verulam Associates became a limited company registered in the UK in 2000. As Verulam Associates Ltd. wide experience was gained in Europe, South Asia, East and South Africa. We seek contracts based on partnership principles in which learning is two-way and long term opportunities for mutual support and development exists. Since 1999 Verulam's main operational base has been in Bangladesh. This has enabled a network of associate consultants to be established within South Asia resulting in a strong reputation for supporting policy development and institutional change with governments, NGOs and development agencies in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and Vietnam.

Bangladesh remains the group's largest portfolio with an established reputation with DFID, The World Bank, the Norwegian Embassy, The Netherlands Government, the Swiss Agency for Development and Co-operation (SDC), and the Swedish Development Agency (SIDA). Verulam also works directly with Government and NGOs building on a network of contacts and relationships developed over twenty years of experience and practice.

In Nepal Verulam Associates has been working in the governance and health sectors for several years. Throughout a strong relationship has been built with the Development Education and Consultancy Centre (DECC) a Nepali consultancy company with an established track record of work with NGOs, Government and Development Partners. DECC now represent the Verulam Group in Nepal and provide us with our office base and logistic support.

After six years of steady growth in India the Verulam Group established a separate Indian company in 2005. Verulam Consultants (private) Ltd. was registered in Delhi in February 2005 and is seeking to extend the groups portfolio which is already substantial. Health policy work at National and State level, urban development support to local government in Kolkata, governance advice to the Government of India and also to key donor agencies, have together built a reputation that the new Indian company is taking to new States, new clients and new sectors.

The Verulam Group in Sri Lanka is represented by Indrajith (Jith) Wijesiriwardana, lead consultant with the Uvades Consulting Group. Jith has worked with Verulam on a key evaluation of one of the major NGOs in Bangladesh. He has subsequently provided technical assistance to the largest NGOs in South Asia and is a leading expert within the region in the institutional and financial management of micro finance institutions.

Verulam has experience in Pakistan dating back to 1996 when we played a lead role in the co-ordination of donor support to the Social Action Programme, one of the first sector wide approaches to basic service delivery in Asia. Occasional consultancy assignments have maintained this focus on national social sector policy and equitable service delivery. The group now has links with a number of partner consultancy companies and NGOs.

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